The Health Radio Project Mission

The Health Radio Project is a non-profit, Chicago-based national health communications organization specializing in producing and distributing information on health and well being. THRP is particularly interested in issues of General health, cancer prevention and treatment, cardiovascular care, women's issues, mental health, elder care, sexual health (including STD prevention and treatment) and avoidance of accidents and trauma.

The Health Radio Project seeks to address deficiencies in mass media communication of the latest research, development, breakthroughs and treatment in these areas. THRP does so via the weekly program, "Project Health," its web site and direct interaction in selected campaigns. THRP believes clear and accurate information, provided by medical professionals and included in radio programming, best serves mass audiences. Experienced journalists, working exclusively for THRP, reach out to physicians, authors, patients, educators and health care executives for interviews, through which the most current information is disseminated.

Each week, Project Health Radio reaches listeners nationwide via weekly broadcasts on 106 affiliated stations. In the Chicago Metropolitan area, Project Health is heard on WKQX (Q101), in Boston on WAAF, in New York on WWLE, in Los Angeles on KALI, in San Francisco/San Jose on KSJX, in St. Louis on KPNT/KFTK, in Seattle-Tacoma on KVTI and in Las Vegas on KLAV, to name just some of our affiliates.

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