Meet the Staff

Tom Shaer, President and CEO
A veteran of 29 years in radio and television in Boston and Chicago, Tom hosts each weekly edition of Project Health Radio. Tomís career has had two stages: news/sports broadcasting and now public service. He is the winner of an Emmy Award, Peter Lisagor Award and Associated Press Broadcasters Award, all in journalism categories.

Tom has worked at stations owned and operated by NBC-TV, CBS, FOX, ABC/Disney. After 14 years at NBC Television station WMAQ, Tom retired to found TSM Media, a consulting firm whose clients include Valparaiso University School of Law, several sports teams and advertising agencies. It was that consulting which led him to Project Health.

Laveda Peterlin, Executive Director
Laveda left a successful career in management to follow her passion: radio. After graduating from St. Xavier University, she worked on and off the air at WUSN-FM(CBS/Infinity), WMVP (ABC/Disney) and WCCQ-FM. The winner of an Achievement In Radio Award, Laveda spent the past three years as Senior Producer of a nationally syndicated radio program on health issues. She is in her 7th year of broadcasting

Joyce Fox, Senior Reporter
Joyce is widely respected as a communicator and itís easy to see why. "Making the boring interesting and the interesting fascinating is my business,Ē she says. Joyce reports on family health and draws on her vast experience as an award-winning writer, producer and director. She translates ideas into innovative and attractive programs in the collaborative arts of radio, TV, film, interactive, digital and multimedia as well as stage and print.

Dave Bridges, Reporter
Dave is particularly interested in menís health and has conducted many interviews on the subject. He is an accomplished broadcaster with a varied background which benefits his work with Project Health. In addition to his years on the air, Dave has worked in transportation and sales.

Cindy Patrick, Reporter
With more than fourteen years on the air, Cindy has gained a large following in Indiana, where she continued as a multiple award-winner. Cindyís reporting on womenís health and well being is part of many Project Healthís programs.

Heather Shelley, Contributor
Project Health is pleased to have Heather, a freelance broadcast journalist, contributing to our program. She has been a staff member at such stations as WLW, Cincinnati and WUSN, Chicago. Heather is recognized as a clear communicator who quickly grasps the most important facts in any topic.

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