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"Women's Sexual Health"

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“Of Joint Interest”

Interview by Tom Shaer with Dr. Rocko Monto, Orthopedic Surgeon and a Spokesperson for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Dr. Monto discusses common joint pain and injuries and offers practical ways to avoid them.

Interview by Laveda Peterlin with Dr. Henry McCaroll, Hand and Wrist Specialist. Dr. McCarroll focuses on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, its causes and treatment.

Interview by Tom Shaer with Dr. John Klippel, President and CEO of the Arthritis Foundation. Dr. Klippel explains how arthritis affects both young and old. He also details its causes, both genetic and resulting from work and recreational activities.

“Talking To Kids About Sex”

National news: Results are in from national contest which chose the “Head Turner of the Year.”

Interview by Tom Shaer with Dr. Gail Saltz, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the New York Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Saltz explains her theory on why it’s difficult for parents to talk to children about sex.

National news: Changes in the weather bring changes in skin condition for millions of Americans. Sun exposure requires certain precautionary measures.

Interview by Laveda Peterlin with Richard Eyre, author and founder of . Richard discusses what to tell kids when talking to them about sex and relationships

Interview by Tom Shaer with Catriona McHardy, Vice President of Planned Parenthood Northern New England. Ms. McHardy details programs undertaken by Planned Parenthood in schools, elsewhere.

National news: Results are in from national contest which chose the “Head Turner of the Year.”

Interview by Tom Shaer with celebrated author Judy Blume. Judy offers her ideas on talking to kids about sex and tells what was behind her landmark books exploring sexual awareness in young people.

“Advances in Medical Technology”

Interview by Tom Shaer with Dr. John Seffrin, President and CEO of the American Cancer Society. Dr. Seffrin details new and exciting developments in early detection of tumors.

Interview by Laveda Peterlin with Dr. James Min of New York Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Min reports on the world’s first technology that takes a CT scan of the heart with 70% less radiation.

Interview by Tom Shaer with Dr. Phyllis Gee, Founder and Medical Director of the North Texas Uterine Fibroid Institute. Dr. Gee explains how a new, non-invasive procedure can eliminate the need for a hysterectomy and dramatically reduce recovery time from many weeks to one or two days.

National news: 60 million Americans are obese, resulting in increase in gastric band surgeries. Khaliah Ali, daughter of Muhammed Ali, discusses her experience with obesity and this procedure.

Interview by Tom Shaer with Dr. Ginger Floyd, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at the Morehouse College School of Medicine. Dr. Floyd tells how new technology makes medical service more available to a greater number of people.

Dr. Floyd also calls for increased awareness of the gap between those who receive adequate healthcare and those who don’t.

“Lessons Learned From Virginia Tech”

Interview: Tom Shaer talks with Dr. Susan Lipkins, a psychologist for over 20 years in New York, specializing in conflict and violence on college and high school campuses. Dr. Lipkins makes bold suggestions for how mental health “privacy” can be respected while ensuring the safety of others when a person is judged to be a threat.

National News: New national campaign provides support, education and resources for people caring for those with Parkinson’s disease.

Interview: Laveda Peterlin talks with Sam Cochran, PhD, Director of Counseling Services at The University of Iowa. Mr. Cochran discusses the emotional needs of students and new ways to grieve in the Internet age.

Interview: Tom Shaer discusses with Dr. Anthony Napolean how post traumatic stress syndrome could affect students not on the Virginia Teach campus when the killings took place—indeed, even students at other universities and at high schools.

“It’s All About Mom”

Interview by Tom Shaer with Sheryl Roush, author of “Heart of a Mother.” Sheryl outlines ways to show our mothers we appreciate them, thus maintaining or improving the emotional health of both mother and offspring.

National News: Contest to find the “Head Turner Of The Year” concludes.

Interview by Tom Shaer with Wellness Lifestyle Expert Terra Wellington. Terra describes things mothers and all women old enough to bear or raise children can do to ensure their physical health.

Interview by Tom Shaer Diane Firman, co-author of “Chicken Soup For The Soul: Celebrating Mothers and Daughters.” Diane, who wrote the book with her mother and sister, explores the sometimes complicated relationship between mothers and daughters.

“Get Active!”

Interview by Tom Shaer with Dr. Cedric Bryant, Chief Science Officer of the American Council on Exercise. Dr. Bryant explains why even a small amount of exercise is very beneficial to one’s health and how to find the time, place and ways to exercise-even without visiting a gym.

Interview by Laveda Peterlin with Dr. Kate Hays, Licensed Psychologist. Dr. Hays describes how exercise improves one’s mental health and could possibly replace medicine often prescribed for some emotional problems.

Interview by Tom Shaer with Kim Rostello, Director of the Human Performance Lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Kim details the difference between exercising and exercising improperly. “Getting the biggest benefit for your time and effort” is her goal.

“It’s Allergy Season”

National News: High blood pressure and hypertension now affect 72 million American adults. Latest figures show approximately 50,000 deaths result annually from these health problems.

Interview by Tom Shaer with Angel Waldron, Communications Manager for The Asthma And Allergy Foundation of America. Ms. Waldron details which season allergies are most prevalent in the spring

National News: People with coronary heart disease are at risk for another cardiovascular episode. Medicinal control now more possible.

Interview by Laveda Peterlin with Dee Sandquist, Registered Dietician and a Spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. Ms. Sandquist discusses which foods cause –and prevent- allergies.

National News: One in six men will get prostate cancer. A new online initiative has been launched to help men assess their risk.

Interview by Tom Shaer with Dr. Peter Bruno, nationally recognized allergist and internist. Dr. Bruno, a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at New York University Hospital, explores diagnosis and treatment of allergies and how to avoid allergies

National News: New research shows 71%-82% of pertussis (whooping cough) in infants is transmitted by someone in the baby’s household.

“The Maintenance Department”

Interview by Tom Shaer with Denise Foley, Editor-at-Large of Prevention Magazine. Denise lists tests and screening women should have to monitor their general health, and when they should have them.

Interview by Tom Shaer with Peter Moore, Editor of Men’s Health Magazine. Peter covers the list of what and when of tests and screening men should have to ensure their general health.

Interview by Laveda Peterlin with Board Certified Family Physician Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Dr. Fuhrman describes self-exams and others we should ask our doctor about.

Interview by Tom Shaer with Dr. Gordon Nuber, Professor of Clinical Orthopedic Surgery at Northwestern University Medical School. Dr. Nuber explains that while exercise is a key to good health, certain activities and exercise equipment are better than others because they put less stress on joints, etc.

National News: Nearly nine million American adults are believed to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


National News: New organization working to eliminate prescription errors by making prescription ordering more efficient. An estimated 1.5 million Americans are victims of prescription errors each year.

Interview by Tom Shaer with “Bruce,” recovering alcoholic and longtime participating member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Bruce describes his experiences before and since he joined AA.

National News: A new panel, The Joint Commission, is working to improve communication between doctors and patients.

Interview by Laveda Peterlin with Gamblers Anonymous member “Judy.” Judy, a recovering gambling addict, tells her story of losing everything to gambling but later achieving happiness in a life free of gambling. She continues to attend GA meetings four hours per week.

National News: Ashley Judd working on the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program in Kenya. Contaminated water in underdeveloped countries may kill thousands daily around the world.

Interview by Tom Shaer with Dr. Mark Kern. Dr. Kern works with, which is dedicated to addiction recovery. He believes the 12-step program pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous should is not always needed for successful recovery from addiction.

“A Healthy Mix”

National News: The number of US adults using the Internet for information on health and medicine rose 16% last year.

Interview by Tom Shaer with Dr. Sanjay Doddamani, Assistant Professor in Medicine, Cardiology, Montefiore Medical Center/Einstein Division, New York City. Dr. Doddamani discusses the possible correlation between oral hygiene and cardiovascular health.

National News: New program recognizes, with awards, some of the 20 million Americans with diabetes.

nterview by Tom Shaer with Dr. Mary Ellen Sanders, internationally recognized consultant in probiotic microbiology and first President of the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP). Dr. Sanders discusses the advantages of probiotics and how foods containing them are being made available.

National News: Osteoarthritis of the knee now affecting ten million Americans. Football star shares his experience with the condition.

Interview by Tom Shaer with Dr. Rick Boxer and business executive Lou Weisbach, co-founders of The American Center for Cures. Their bold new initiative is detailed.

Finding Forgiveness

Interview by Tom Shaer with Dr. Eileen Borris, author of Finding Forgiveness: A 7-Step Program for letting Go of Anger and Bitterness. Dr Borris discusses the concept of forgiveness, how it is not easy to achieve, but how it is important to one’s emotional and physical health.

National News: Twenty percent of Americans are expected to get the flu this season. It is estimated lost work time attributed to the flu costs the US economy billions.

Interview by Laveda Peterlin with Taylor Wilshire, author of the fictional account of forgiveness, The What-If Guy. Ms. Wilshire explains how her fictional approach imparts the benefits of forgiveness.

National News: Nearly 21 million Americans now have diabetes. There is a new method of treatment for Type II, or “progressive” diabetes, the most prevalent.

Interview (part 2) by Tom Shaer with Dr. Eileen Borris. Dr. Borris returns with specific steps for how to forgive. “Building A Better You”

Interview by Tom Shaer with David Niven, author of Simple Secrets For Becoming Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. David discusses physical and emotional ways to reach new heights.

National News: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports the peak of Influenza (flu) season is January and February. CDC recommends flu shots.

Interview by Laveda Peterlin with Richard St. John. Richard has written Stupid, Ugly, Unlucky and Rich. Mr. St. John details his eight “Success Factors” for reaching goals, which he believes can be accomplished by anyone.

National News: Thirty employers launch “The Ten City Challenge” to fight diabetes. The program increases awareness of diabetes, and waives co-pays. Pharmacies also participate in the “Challenge.”

Interview by Tom Shaer with Terry Savage, syndicated financial columnist and author of The Savage Number: How Much Money Do You Need To Retire? Terry lays out a simple plan to better manage personal finances, thus relieving stress and improving mental and physical health.

"Winter Health"

How to care for your body during the winter months.

Interview by Tom Shaer with Dr. Jeanne Santoli, Deputy Director, Immunization Services for the US Centers for Disease Control. Dr. Santoli discusses the number of influenza cases normally found in the American population, the importance of the flu vaccine and some myths surrounding flu shots.

Interview by Laveda Peterlin with Christine Goyanes (goy-ahn’-iss), Editor, Women’s Health Magazine. Christine describes which foods can help combat the physical and emotional effects of winter.

Interview by Tom Shaer with Scott White, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Scott talks about how to stay in shape despite cold temperatures keeping people indoors more often.

"Holiday Blues"

Interview: Tom Shaer talks with Doctor Carol Watkins, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Maryland Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Watkins details the various types of depression and their possible causes. She also suggests how to decide the best course of treatment.

Interview: Laveda Peterlin talks with Dr. Francis Mondimore, author of Depression: The Mood Disease. Dr. Mondimore explores how depression affects various people and how they react to treatment.

Interview: Dr. Carol Watkins returns to talk with Tom Shaer about Season Affected Disorder (SAD). Dr. Watkins discusses how people react to winter weather, with its reduced sunlight and lower temperatures keeping many indoors.

“Dont Stress Out”

Interview: Tom Shaer talks with “The Stress Doc,” Mark Gorkin of America Online and author of two books on stress. The Stress Doc defines stress and talks about how it affects our daily lives.

Interview: Men’s health Editor Peter Moore tells Project Health’s Laveda Peterlin about a recently published self-test to measure stress.

Interview: Laveda Peterlin talks with Dr. Neil Fiore, author of Awaken Your Strongest Self, about his four-step program for dealing with stress.

Interview: Tom Shaer discusses with Dr. Kenneth Pelletier the very simple things people can do to reduce stress.

“STDs – Prevention, Testing and Treatment”

Interview by Tom Shaer with Dr. Will Wong, Medical Director of the HIV/STD program for the Chicago Department of Public Health. Dr. Wong looks at public awareness of Sexually Transmitted Diseases from the point of view of the health department in a Major American City. Dr. Wong also discusses other cities and education, free testing, etc.

Interview by Laveda Peterlin with Dr. Jim King, President-Elect, American Academy of Family Physicians. Dr. King details different types of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, their symptoms and treatment, along with social awareness of the many known STDs.

Interview by Tom Shaer with Dr. Monica Sweeney, author of Condom Sense. Dr. Sweeney outlines the need for a much greater use of condoms to prevent STDs. Proper use of condoms is also detailed.

“No Smoking”

Interview by Tom Shaer with Dr. Thomas Glynn, Director of Cancer Science and Trends for the American Cancer Society. Dr. Glynn discusses why most of the 45 million smokers in the United States are addicted to cigarettes. He also looks ahead to the 30th annual Great American Smokeout, taking place November 16th. This event has helped countless Americans quite smoking.

Interview by Laveda Peterlin with Nicole Hayes, one of tens of millions of Americans who have quit smoking. Ms. Hayes, a government employee from Virginia details her story from becoming a smoker at age 17 to quitting in her mid-20s

Interview: Tom Shaer talks with Damian O’Hara, President of Allen Carr North America, about the Easyway program to stop smoking. Allen Carr founded Easyway in 1983.

“Summer Safety”

“Be Active, Be Smart”

“Off To College”

“Cancer – Early Detection”

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